9 Dec
Author: Michelle Djonova

Can you feel the holiday spirit? We sure can…and we want everyone to have a […]

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6 Jan

New 1FUR1 Therapy Dog Program Intro Pet therapy dogs to visit children at schools, substitute […]

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2 Feb

There are a lot of factors to consider before including your pet to be in […]

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24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving season, we would like to give thanks for all of our […]

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17 Nov
Author: Grace Cummings

National Pet Awareness Month is interestingly named, to say the least. Whether you have a […]

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14 Jul

I recently had the pleasure of watching My Bionic Pet, a heartwarming documentary from PBS […]

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7 Mar

Happy Pet Sitter’s Week! It is the last day of pet sitter’s week, so I […]

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