My Bionic Pet: Animals with Prosthetics
14 Jul

My Bionic Pet: Animals with Prosthetics


I recently had the pleasure of watching My Bionic Pet, a heartwarming documentary from PBS that is sure to bring a smile to anyone in need.  This documentary sheds light on the issue of animals with missing limbs.

Right away, we meet a handful of sweet pets, ranging from dogs to horses and alligators to pigs. These characters including Driftwood and Crisp P. Bacon (I’m sure you can deduce what kind of animal he is). Day to day life is hard for them; they all need a lot of help from their human counterparts.

Through various innovations, such as molding a beak with clay and forming a wheelchair out of LEGOs, we see these animals change before our eyes. These animals don’t let their lack of limbs stop them from doing anything. They begin to run, play, and hunt like any other animal would. We see them inspiring others.

Journey, a golden retriever missing his front left leg, works as a therapy dog. Every animal assisting therapy visit is amazing, but Journey can form a special bond with the patients with similar circumstances. They see that he is handicapped, but has adapted, and is no way letting his disability slow him down. He teaches people a lesson that we can all learn: we can’t get rid our burdens, but we can accept them and live truly amazing lives.

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