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We believe in life-long bonds with our partners in order to provide multi-faceted support (strategic, logistical and financial) that results in sustainable growth and a positive impact to the community. 1 FUR 1 animal assisted partners are currently operating in select areas of MI, OH, CA, FL, TN, SC, MO, CT, PA, NC, IL, IN, CO, AL, NJ and now IA, NY, MA, GA, MI & RI.

Together we can

Our goals are our action plan.  We believe that animal assisted programs services should be offered to anyone who sees the value in the human-animal bond and we intent to make this a reality by partnering with organization and facilities who share our beliefs.  The list below is our guide to each and every decision we make about programs and partnerships we join:

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Are you a person in need of an assistance animals or simply want to learn how animal can help people?  Click here to learn the facts about animals and get useful resources, carefully curates medical studies and more…

Do you know of a deserving nonprofit?  If they are struggling and/or needs support to sustain or expand an animal assisted program that helps people in need, we can help. Start by reviewing the grant guidelines and learn about our process.

1FUR1 Foundation tailors the strategic, financial, and marketing support to the specifics of each grantees’ program. We avoid one-size-fits-all prescriptions and strive to make selective, focused evaluation an integral part of how we carry out our charitable work. The support we provide to program grant partners is solely focused on amplifying the impact of their work, increasing the benefit realized by the community and/or patients/participants.  Start the process by completing a letter of inquiry form.

Active Facilities

The below list includes 45+ facilities, such as; hospitals, medical care offices, schools, assisted living facilities, county courtrooms and child victim service offices.  All are currently offering animal assisted therapy and/or activities to their patients and residents, powered by a 1FUR1 Animal Assisted Activity Grant Program: