Who We Are

Our Impact

4 Grantees in 3 States

selected through rigorous due diligence

37 Animals across 42 Facilities

bring healing to people in need

$39,675 Value

of grants and support delivered in our second year

226 People per Month

benefit from our free-of-charge animal assisted services

Animals can bring healing to people from all walks of life, at every step on the journey to wellness so we’ve designed our animal assisted service grant programs to positively impact those most in need.  The below map showcases the active programs and participating facilities.

Our Human-Animal Bond Story…

…is being written now by each and every person who believes that animals are an integral part of a happy and healthy life. To learn more about us and our programs (click here).


  • Assist nonprofits who help animals to heal people.We provide financial grants, business acumen, and strategic marketing support to like-minded 501(c)(3) public charities, directly impacting their ability to expand their reach and help more people, more often.
  • Promote the idea of humans and animals co-existing in harmony. Our values are deeply rooted in the desire to facilitate lifelong bonds between people and animals. Daily, we strive to raise awareness and understanding of the impact animals can have as an alternative form of support or treatment for people in need.
  • Achieve better quality of life for both humans and animals. We aspire to create social change by establishing an open communication platform where our partners, volunteers, and grantees can share ideas, opportunities, and challenges. And, by providing the public with a trusted source for information about relevant medical advances, research, and news


  • Passion. This is not just something we do. It is something that we believe in with all of our hearts.
  • Collaboration. We achieve success through the combined efforts of our organization, our grantee partners, and our generous volunteers and donors.
  • Results. We support programs that accomplish measurable results tracked through data integrity and without compromising our morals or ethical values.
  • Resilience. We believe that nothing worth accomplishing comes easily and that achieving our goals takes time, patience, and unwavering dedication.
  • Optimism. We consider each obstacle to be an undiscovered opportunity and believe that the “impossible” is achievable.