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Let’s Celebrate Together, All Year Long

Let’s Celebrate Together, All Year Long

5,000 Visits in 1 Year

The final impact reports are in…2023 stands out as BEST YEAR EVER! 1 FUR 1’s mission has impacted the health and well-being of over 71,753 people in need of free animal assisted services. That’s 69% over our lofty annual goals set at the start of the year. Our 4 program partners work with 91 amazing therapy animals in over 159 facilities in select cities of CA, MI, OH, FL, TN, SC, NC and NJ. Together we’ve been expanding their teams and service area while adopting to our new internal operating system. Over the next month we’ll be working on setting new goals for the year but one thing is for sure – we can’t do it alone. 1 FUR 1 will be thrilled at the opportunity to add new program and partnerships so more can obtain free animal assisted therapy and activities in the U.S.A. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today.

Impact Stories

1fur 1news impactJennie is 2.5 years old child with Autism and is on the ASD. Our goals are to learn and assist with her with transition, following directions,instructions, learning to self soothe, trust,count,play, and so much more.
Transition was hard, but we worked together to take out our fun blocks. Jennie got to stack them however she wanted, then knock them over using her hand (left or right) when asked or her foot (left or right) when asked. Then, we worked on stacking by colors and then how to toss them and do the task on the block. Jennie Ann laughed with shaking our hips and doing frog jumps. We cleaned up and went to work with AJ, the therapy mini horse. Jennie helped hold his lead rope and lead him around the whole course while playing red light green light. She used her words and copied what I would say about 40% of the time. Then we worked on grooming AJ, and we were able to do 4 of them before a little meltdown, but we quickly let it go and moved into cleaning up his grooming box and putting him in his stall. We walked over to check the chicken coop for eggs, gave Piper, the therapy mini pig some morning grass, and said hi to her. She did see mom but did not let that get in the way until it was time for her to be done with her weekly animal assisted therapy session. To learn more about animal assisted therapy and the therapy mini horses who help children with disabilities, please click here.

1fur1 news impactAfter a forensic interview a young teen was very overwhelmed with emotion after disclosing about their abuse. Pawnee was able to provide that teen with comfort and a few laughs while she quickly rolled over onto her back to give the teen all the best angles to scratch her belly. To learn more about animal assisted therapy and the canine advocates who help child crime victims, please click here.

Bailey was visiting a Summerville hospital when nurses told him a child in the pediatric emergency room needed him. Bailey and his handler went to visit the child who was crying and afraid. They sat with him, while the child petted Bailey and asked questions about Newfoundlands. Bailey said his goodbyes and went to visit other patients and nurses in the hospital. A nurse tracked Bailey down about an hour later and said that the little boy was asking for him again, so Bailey and his handler went back to the emergency room and found the little boy again. The boy was so happy that Bailey had come back that all his worries and fears slipped away. To learn more about animal assisted activities and the newfie therapy dogs who help first responders, medical staff and patients, please click here.

1fur1 impact newsThis month in Florida, we visited the Victorian Manor this is a fairly new facility and not nearly the size of some of the larger ones. We had several residents just simply overjoyed at the opportunity to interact with our boys. One lady in particular was so happy she hugged Sweet Cavi, the therapy mini horse, around his neck several times while she had tears of joy in her eyes. To learn more about animal assisted activities and the therapy mini horses who help veterans and the elderly with disabilities, please click here.

Help Wanted

Seeking 8 people able to sign-up for monthly subscription gift of $25 or more so 1 FUR 1 can provide free custom software to all its partners. This will change everything for us. This brand new technology will allow for our animal assisted programs to grow immediately. Impact the lives of of thousands of people with disabilities each month, across 8 states. 1 FUR 1 Foundation is 100% volunteer based 501c3 public charity on a mission to create, nurture and expand therapeutic bonds between animals and people. Learn more about the health benefits of AAA/T (here) and please consider pitching in vital fun-raising efforts to amplify our mission. Start today and join the 1fur1impact club. We and those we serve, THANK YOU!

Why We Do What We Do

Helping others is at the core of what we do. Last year, Jocelyn was diagnosed with leukemia at Rady’s Children Hospital in San Diego. She was at her worst time when she met AJ, the youngest #HealingHooves member. During her 20+ day hospital stay, AJ was able to help her forget, just for a bit, how sick she was feeling, the pain, the future uncertainty her family faced. Their connection was undeniable. They met again this year during 5K walk for charity. Jocelyn is now is remission and wanted to give back. So she did a lemonade stand and requested a visit from AJ. Well, we were thrilled to reunite them and see the spark between them once again. Her selfless act of kindness inspire us to continue moving our mission forward.

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Believe & Celebrate

shop for Bday gifts for 1fur1 animals At 1FUR1 events everyone is welcome including your 4-legged best friends (no dog, no worries). Join us virtually or in-person and be sure to check out our monthly newsletter. We document our journey which we believe is a reason to celebrate.


1fur1 news1 FUR 1 Foundation has earned earned the Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid, a symbol of non-profit transparency and accountability. Less than 2 percent of non-profits registered are recognized with a Platinum Seal.


1fur1 nnews events1 FUR 1’s animal blog is great resource about the healing powers of the human-animal bond. Be sure to check out the education center which lists substantiated facts about animal assisted interventions. If you or facility is in need of virtual sessions, called animal related engagements (A.R.E), please contact us.

FAQs & Resources

The cornerstone of our mission is helping others. If your nonprofit needs assistance please, click here to see our grant guidelines and learn about our process. If you or someone you know needs a service animal or funding please, click here for organizations that can help since 1 FUR 1 doesn’t offer grants to individuals.