Animal Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy Programs

Animal assisted programs are gaining popularity as an alternative treatment plan by the people whose health can benefit, however the animal therapy (AAT) sector is lacking funding and quantifiable research studies.  We’ve stepped in to do our part by helping crime victims in Michigan and children with Autism in Southern California.  Each animal therapy program is focused on the specific needs of these children while working with AKC CGC and TDI certified dogs and Pet Partner certified miniature horses and now a mini donkey.

1fur1 aat programThe 24 #CourtDogsInAction teams in Michigan work with child victims and their families at court houses, victim service agencies, YMCAs, Weiss Advocate Centers and other other state/country facilities. These canine advocate teams delivered 1,593 court appearances & victim interviews and impacted 5,781 child victims in 2019. Due to popular demand, we’re re-releasing a coloring book (court room) guide which will help child victims understand the judicial process they’re about to encounter and how their canine advocate can help along the way.

1fur1 animal therapy programThe 4 #HealingHooves team in California works with autistic children and also visits local area hospitals where child patients are battling serious illnesses and surgery. The team delivered 36 animal assisted therapy sessions and impacted 767 children with Autism, child hospital patients and hospice seniors in 2019.

Get Involved:

Mentors Wanted!  No matter where you live or how much time you have to offer, there is a role for you (click here to review).

animal assisted therapy_CAPEvery volunteer hour helps provide and expand animal assisted service programs, free-of-charge to children and seniors in need. As a 100% volunteer based charity, we rely on you to move our mission forward. 1FUR1’s healing mission is to create, nurture and expand therapeutic bonds between animals and people.   There are many ways to get involved with our cause at home, at work, with your pet or simply online.


“My son Ezra is 6 years old and lives with autism. He has been able to attend weekly sessions at hearts and hooves over the past year because of 1 fur 1’s sponsoring.  Having these sessions sponsored have been a great help since paying for Ezra’s many therapies has been a large burden on our family. Without 1 fur 1’s helping us Ezra would not be able to attend these weekly sessions which he enjoys very much . Ezra started kindergarten this year and it has been very hard on him and our family but every week he’s able to finish on a good note because he finishes his Friday at heart and hooves. Ezra has grown in so many ways because of heart and hooves he now speaks more and is able to focus and follow directions all things that were challenges for him .  We are very grateful for 1 fur 1’s help in keeping Ezra in a positive and helping environment and also by helping alleviate  the burden of trying to balance medical bills and keeping Ezra in therapeutic activities.” —Joann Fouquette, family

Thank you 1FUR1 Foundation for your partnership with the Canine Advocacy Program.  We are now better equipped thanks to your skills to handle our current programming as well as our growth in this field. We could not have done it without you.”  —Daniel Cojanu, Founder of Canine Advocacy Program