20 Mar
Author: Michelle Djonova

March Snapshot Revealing an impact increase from previous month of 592 to 635 children and […]

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22 Mar

Gentle Giant and 1FUR1 Ambassador in Chicago If you looked at Dolan, a Great Dane […]

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1 Mar
Author: Jaquie Kunz

Equine Assisted Therapy Benefits Horses are amazing and intelligent creatures. They can help children and […]

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10 Sep

Every dog is special. They all bring something to the table. Even when the odds […]

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14 Jul

I recently had the pleasure of watching My Bionic Pet, a heartwarming documentary from PBS […]

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29 May

Here at 1 FUR 1, we support programs that help animals and people alike. Two […]

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28 Apr

Whether a pet is sick, injured, or just in need of a check-up, we all […]

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