Pet Fire Safety Tips
15 Jul

Pet Fire Safety Tips


It’s National Pet Fire Safety Day! While it is not the most exciting of holidays, it is definitely more than necessary.  More than 1000 fires each year are started by cats and dogs, either accidentally, or because they really hate those tacky new curtains you put up. It’s important to know how to prevent fires and what to do with your pet in case of fire.

How to Prevent Fires

  • Always make sure the oven is off and any candles are blown out before you go out.
  • If you keep food on counters, keep it away from the stove. Your pet might get hungry and jump up to get one of the cookies you just baked, accidentally turning on the stove. Seems unlikely, but it has happened.
  • Fix any faulty outlets and hide exposed wires. I know from experience that dogs love chewing on wires (as my puppy destroyed two of my laptop chargers and three phone chargers). It is important to watch them around these wires when you are home and put them in an inaccessible place when you are out.

360px-Sparkles_the_Fire_Safety_DogPracticing Fire Safety

  • Do a fire drill. This way, you will be able to fix any flaws in your plan of escape.
  • Keep all caged pets on the first floor and near exits so they can easily be rescued.
  • Put up a fire rescue decal so first responders know how many pets you have.
  • Install monitored smoke alarms so you can rest easy.

What To Do in Case of Fire

  • Prepare an evacuation plan. Start by answering these questions:
    • Which exit is closest in each room?
    • Where will you meet your family members after the fire?
    • Does everyone know the plan?
    • Who will be in charge of what pets?
  • Have your emergency kit somewhere easily accessible so you can quickly grab it on your way out.

I’m sure this article made you paranoid about fires, but if you practice fire safety (and remove those curtains Buster hates), you and your pets will be prepared to escape fires without harm.

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