Prep for Thanksgiving with a Smile
24 Nov

Prep for Thanksgiving with a Smile


Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving season, we would like to give thanks for all of our awesome readers (that means you!).  We’re excited for turkey day – food as far as the eye can see, good company, and a post-turkey nap. Of course, our pets are as excited about that day as they are to get food everyday.  Please consider a $27 tax-deductible gift today that will allow us to visit a groups of residents who cannot go home to celebrate the holidays but a loving a cat or a dog will bring them joy and peace.  To show our gratitude, we’ve decided to post not one but TWO adorable dog videos.

Our one tip – please keep food out of their reach while you prep the Thanksgiving table. Pets find ways to get it, to see what other animal lovers are posting this holiday, click here.

If you’re feeling extra giving today, 1FUR1 would be extremely thankful of any donations of any size. As a young public nonprofit we do not take any state or federal funding for any of our charitable work.  We solely reply on the generosity of the public to offer all animal assisted services to people in need, always free of charge.  Enjoy your holiday!

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