5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet
17 Nov

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet


National Pet Awareness Month is interestingly named, to say the least. Whether you have a dog who gnaws on your shoes or a cat who slips her paw under the door when you’re in the bathroom, most of the time you’re very aware that you have a pet. But we here at 1FUR1 would like you to join us this month in celebrating your little fluffy ragamuffin.  Here are five ways to do that:

1.) Birthday Party


from rapidbash

Most pets’ ages are rough estimates from vets, so designate a day near your vet’s estimate and celebrate your pet’s birthday! Get their favorite treat and give it to them while singing “happy birthday” . . . assuming they can wait the whole song without devouring it. (Hold off on the candle for your pet’s safety, no matter how cute of a photo opportunity it would be on Instagram.)

2.) Make Them Something


We’ve previously covered crafting tips for a local shelter, but if your dog’s chewed through her bed, there’s no stopping you from using the no-sew method in that article to make her a new one! If you’re not crafty but can cook, there are hundreds of recipes so you can whip up a homemade treat for them. (But please, read up on what foods might harm your pet before you make them something edible.)

3.) Have Them Act As Your Muse

Today we gripe when our cats walk across our keyboards while we’re trying to work, but there’s a famous classical piece called “Fugue in D Minor” by Domenico Scarlatti where his cat walked across his piano keys–and he liked the notes the cat stepped on so much that he composed a piece inspired by her. For this reason, this piece is nicknamed “Cat Fugue.” Frida Kahlo was famous for having many pets and including them in her self-portraits. Weimaraner fans have probably seen William Wegman’s clever portraits. If you’re a creative type, your next muse to help you get through a “block” could be the very critter that’s keeping you from doing your work.

4.) Share Their Antics Online

Online pet popularity is at an all-time high. Reddit gave us Grumpy Cat, Facebook gave us Boo the Pomeranian, YouTube gave us Little Bub, Biscuit the Sleepwalking Dog, Mishka the Talking Husky, Maru the Cat, and countless other pets who have brought smiles to the faces of millions. Other people definitely see your pet as cute as you see them!

5.) Just Spend a Little Extra Time With Them

A dog’s not going to know that the reason you can put kibble in his bowl is because of the cartoon shorts you make about him, but he does know that you love him when you take some time out of your busy day to throw the ball. During a commercial break in your favorite TV show, try breaking out the laser pointer for your cat instead of getting up to get a snack. We here at 1FUR1 have documented the many benefits a pet has on your happiness, now you can return the favor and make your pet happy, too.

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