Dog Birthday Parties
31 Jul

Dog Birthday Parties


Happy August 1st! Did you know that today has been coined DOGust 1st by the North Shore Animal League America? This means that today is the universal birthday for shelter dogs whose birthdays are unknown. It is easy to tell a dog’s birth year, but almost impossible to tell their birth date. Many shelter dog owners choose the adoption date or a close friend’s birthday to be their pup’s birthday. Others choose holidays that suit their pet’s personality – Chino’s owner chose Valentine’s Day as the little love-bug’s birthday.

Alright, so now that you have a day to celebrate fido’s birthday, what do you do next? Throw them a dog birthday party, of course!

Planning the Party

  • Pick a date. Find a day, most likely a weekend, that works for you, your friends, and your dog’s playmates.
  • Plan the menu. Make sure to include both dog- and people-friendly food. Separate the two of them, keeping the human food out of paw’s reach.
  • Since it’s a party for your dog, after all, look up a recipe for a doggie birthday cake.
  • Find a location. If you have a yard or a pool, that would be a perfect place to hold the party (as long as you have a lifeguard watching the dogs at all times!).  Other places that would work well include parks and dog parks. You can also have an indoor party, as long as all the dogs are potty trained and the space has been puppy proofed.
  • Decide who you are going to invite. Be sure to invite your fellow animal lovers and your pup’s playmates. Make sure that none of the dogs invited are aggressive. This is important to remember so that your party goes smoothly, with everyone having fun and no one getting injured.

Pool parties are great for hot summer afternoons.

Party Activities

  • Throw a pool party! Plenty of dogs love swimming, and for those that don’t, relaxing poolside is always a great way to spend an afternoon.
  • Have an ice cream social! This is a perfect idea for hot summer days. Delicious ice cream and DO.FRO.YO will keep the pups from becoming hot dogs.
  • Celebrate with a beach day. Most dogs love the beach. There are fun options for everyone; pups can jump waves, dig in the sand, relax while getting a tan, or roll around in stinky seaweed.
  • Leave tons of toys around for the dogs to play with. With this idea, you and your fellow humans can sit back and relax while the dogs tire each other out. They can play Frisbee, tug of war, dig, or chew on toys. Be careful about leaving out bones, because many dogs tend to be toy aggressive.
  • Help pets less fortunate than yours! Set up a place for your friends to leave unused toys or gently used blankets to donate to your local animal shelter. You can also pick a worthy cause to collect money for. This is a great way to make a difference in the lives of animals in your community.
Party hats are a great way for humans and dogs alike to celebrate.

Party hats are a great way for humans and dogs alike to celebrate.

After all, DOGust 1st is the perfect day to donate – dogs in shelters deserve birthday presents too!

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