Benefits of Adopting Deaf Pets
18 Sep

Benefits of Adopting Deaf Pets


Why you should consider adopting a deaf pet?

If I told you all of the reasons deaf pets are amazing, we would be here all day. Instead, I’ve shortened the benefits list of adopting a deaf pets down to a few key bullet points:

  • You can practice your sign language skills!
  • There are many adorable deaf pets just waiting to be adopted
  • You can bring them to concerts and it won’t hurt their ears
  • Just look at these adorable faces!
  • They wouldn’t be afraid of fireworks
  • These sweet pups are just as intelligent as hearing dogs
  • Their love for you knows no bounds

For the third and final time, happy Deaf Pet Awareness Week! Throughout this week, we saw an adorable bond form between a dog and her new family, we were reminded that DO.FRO.YO is an awesome treat for dogs, and we learned multiple tactics to train deaf animals. Finally, we answered the big question – if you have any you would like to add, feel free to contact 1 FUR 1 Foundation on Facebook or Twitter and let us know about your fantastic deaf pet!

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