Ready to cry happy tears? Watch this amazing video!
14 Sep

Ready to cry happy tears? Watch this amazing video!


Happy Deaf Pet Awareness Week!

Throughout this week, we’ll post various short articles that show how deaf pets are just as amazing and loving as all other animals. To start the week off right, here is a great video that will tug at your heartstrings.

Rosie’s Story

I’m not going to lie, I definitely started crying while I was watching this video. This wonderful family adopted such a loving, deserving dog. Deaf dogs, and dogs with any sort of special needs are in no way “damaged goods.” They are fantastic creatures who need patience, kindness, and love, just like the rest of us. The only hurdle to jump with a deaf dog is deaf education – but American Sign Language and unorthodox training techniques are great for everyone to know.  None of us is perfect; why would we expect our pets to be?

Be sure to look out for our other posts for Deaf Pet Awareness Week!

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