5 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding
2 Feb

5 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding


There are a lot of factors to consider before including your pet to be in your wedding. For instance, will the venue allow it? Does your pet like to travel, be handled, or be around people? Are any of your guests allergic to your pet? Would you go bride- or groomzilla if your pet relieved himself at the altar? (Hey, it happens!) If you answered “yes,” “yes,” “no,” and “no,” then full steam ahead to begin wedding bliss with tails a-wagging!  Read on the top five ways to include your pet in your wedding:

1.) As Transportation

Horse-drawn carriages certainly bring the “fairy tale” aspect of a wedding, but if you’re an avid equestrian, why not cut out the middleman and ride to the altar on your horse? Riding a horse in your bridal gown or tuxedo is super glamorous—like something out of a perfume commercial!—and makes for stunning pictures like the one below.

2.) As Ringbearer/Flower Girl or Bridesmaid/Groomsman

While pets are not that great at scattering petals or holding rings, they sure do look darling in a little bow tie or tutu! Or, if your pet deserves a more central role, have him or her be Best Dog or Cat of Honor! Have your florist make a little floral arrangement for their collar so everyone can see what a special role they play in your wedding.

3.) As the Messenger

What’s better than cute engagement pictures? Cute engagement pictures with a pet! Ask your photographer to take a picture with your pet, and consider turning it into a Save-the-Date invitation with a cute little sign saying “My humans are getting married!”

4.) As the Bouquet
If you’re allergic to or ambivalent about flowers, consider carrying or walking your pet down the aisle instead. Or consider this allergy-proof kitty bouquet from Think Geek!

5.) As the Cake Topper/Invitation Decoration
My own cat couldn’t make it to my wedding because he doesn’t like to travel, but I made sure he made his way to the cake topper! There are several illustrators and sculptors on Etsy who would love to accommodate your pet art request.

Recently engaged? Congratulations! I bet you are already thinking about ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with your friends and family, and that could include your pet in your wedding.  Please share with us your creative ways to include your pets in your wedding.

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