How To: Unchain a Dog
16 Feb

How To: Unchain a Dog


Cold. Alone. Frightened. It is always sad to see animals helpless and abandoned. For this post, we wanted to give you a few tips on how to handle a situation involving a chained dog.

How to: Unchain Your Own Dog

Some individuals leave their dog outside for days, saying how they are an ‘outdoor dog.’ Dogs get cold, too, when they are outside for too long. There are a few easy ways to train your pup to be a good indoor dog when they are used to being outside all the time.

If you still want them to be outside when you are away at work, try putting up a tall fence so they are free to explore the yard. Your dog will be happier and most likely calmer and less restless because they will have a greater space than simply wherever their leash allows them to go. Make sure that water and shelter is always available to your dogs.

How to: Unchain a Neighbor’s Dog

If you see a dog left alone, contact your local animal control or humane society. Animal control officials are trained professionals who can handle the situation. Do NOT approach the dog and unchain them on your own, as you have no idea how the dog or their owner will respond. You can also talk to your city officials about the current animal cruelty laws and banning chained dogs in your area.

Now, when it comes to dogs belonging to other people, it gets trickier. Try talking to the owner before approaching the dog. Get to know the owner, so that they don’t see you as a stranger approaching their dog. It is important to be friendly in these situations – it gives you the best chance of helping the dog and educating the owner. Talk to them about the alternatives to leaving their dog outside, such as the examples listed above or even possibly re-homing the dog.

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