Giving Thanks For You
23 Nov

Giving Thanks For You


Happy Holidays,

In this time of gratitude and reflection, I give thanks for you.  We value your patronage and appreciate your support of us.  Launching 1FUR1 has been possible only because of all enthusiasts who share our passion for animal, donors who directly help activate our social service grants and volunteers who donate their time to move our charity forward.  I appreciate every person that has engaged with 1FUR1’s mission; from each blog reader to every Facebook fan and Twitter follower.  It truly takes a community to do good and help others .
Because of everyone’s contributions, we’ve been able to help over 120 elderly residents who live in long term care facilities and don’t have the luxury to be at home with their families.  A military family in need of a service dog who will help a veteran struggling with PTSD deal with everyday civilian life.  And two children battling Autism who work hard everyday to overcome their unique challenges and live life the best way possible.
Please continue to follow 1FUR1’s progress of each program, grantee and persons part of our community.
I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.
Michelle Djonova
Chair & Executive Director
1 FUR 1 Foundation
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