Superhero FUN
12 Sep

Superhero FUN


Animals Helping Others

The month long 2020 Animal Superhero Photo Contest has ended but the encouraging stories of animals who make people’s lives better, will remain forever. From encouraging therapy dogs, mini horses and donkey who heal children with disabilities to trained court dogs helping crime victims go through the U.S.A. judicial system. And let’s not forget, about the official beach guest greeter dog who loves his Hawaiian shirt and the loving dog saved by her own superhero from an abandon warehouse where she was dumped to die after brutal dog fighting injuries. All 14 animal contestants melted hearts and encourage us to love more and think positive, even when times are challenging.

1 FUR 1 is focused on continuing to raise awareness and education about the benefits of the human-animal bond. As well as funds to support worthy animal assisted programs throughout the United States. Our goal for this year’s Superhero photo contest was $2,000 and we were able to collect about half. So we choose to look at our glass half full. All donations from this contest are directly going to fund 1 FUR 1 animal assisted therapy programs who need masks to protect themselves and others from Corona-virus and new technology to help with virtual A.R.E. These two programs are vital to the lives of disabled children and have been operating at a reduce capacity. We’re so proud of their dedication and courage! Our world has changed so, we have too!

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At 1 FUR 1, we thrive to develop national standards and now we’re accounting for animal related engagements (A.R.E.) during the 2020/2021 pandemic. 1 FUR 1 is now ready to deliver virtual A.R.E. and ‘window’ sessions to health care facilities near St. Louis metro area, Florida Panhandle and Southern California. Please contact us for requests.


Thank you to all voters, sponsors and most of all pet parents who nurture these animals to be their best self and made the 2020 Animal Superhero Photo Contest super fun. Stay tune for info about our next photo contest.

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