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Mission Update

1FUR1 programs’ news are heating up this year, and we’re busier than ever moving the cause forward. We continue making headway on our mission to create, nurture and support endeavors enhancing the lives of people and animals in need. news and donations

So far this year:

  • 3 new canine members have joined our efforts – Manny (1fur1 California ambassador healing the elderly) as well as Jager and Daphne (CAP victim advocates helping children in need)

  • 13 court appearances by canine advocate to help child victims testify against their abusers

  • 800+ victim meetings and interviews were done by the 24 #CourtDogsInAction

  • 25 mini horse therapy sessions were provided for two children with Autism

  • 83 feline-assisted activity visits were provided to seniors suffering from various illnesses

  • 165 hospital patients were visited by the specially trained therapy horse – Tori


We’re been working on expanding our charity and volunteer network while launching a West Coast chapter.  If you want to volunteer your skills please (click here to let us know) and/or consider a tax-deductible donation (click here to see why).

Do you know of a deserving nonprofit?  If they are struggling and/or needs support to sustain or expand an animal assisted program that helps people in need, we can help.  Please click here to contact us.  For media information please see 1FUR1 press releases.donate to save animal assisted programs

1FUR1 Impact News

226 Lives are impacted every month by 1FUR1’s animal assisted programs

Served 2,700+ seniors and children with disabilities who love animals in 2016

37 Actively working animals (dogs, cats and mini horses) bring healing to people through therapeutic bonds

Provided 1,014 hours of volunteer support to our program partners in 2016

42 facilities across 3 states offer free-of-charge animal assisted services

…and even contributed to the adoption of 63 homeless cats who were part of our No-Kill shelter program with Tree House Humane Society in Chicago.

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Are you on Instagram? We’ve finally joined (@1fur1), and we have the best ambassador: Dolaimage2n the rescue Great Dane, who volunteers at 1FUR1 by visiting the elderly with disabilities. We hope everyone to fall in love with him as much as we have!  Also, follow us on Twitter where you can stay on all breaking pet news, worldwide.  If you are on LinkedIn, follow us to discover volunteer opportunities that Help Animals Heal People.

Be awesome and like us on Facebook – where we share exclusive mission updates and impact stories.  1FUR1’s animal assisted therapy (AAT) program in partnership with to Canine Advocacy Program discovered that over 2,277 victims have been helped go through the judicial system across 19 Michigan county courtroom.  To learn more about all #CourtDogsInAction part of this program, be sure check out our Facebook Page  every Thursday for impact news.

Event News

At 1FUR1 events everyone is welcome including your 4-legged best friends (no dog, no worries). We want everyone to experience the joy of socializing with their loving pets while meeting others, just like them. If you want to help at events, please click here for volunteer opportunities.

Facts About Animals

1FUR1 carefully curates substantiated U.S. medical studies on how animals are healing children, students, the elderly and patients with heart disease, cancer, Autism and other disorders.  Click here for a timeline from 2000 until now!

Newsletter Archives

Past newsletters have been archived below in order to provide a snapshot of 1FUR1’s evolution month-over-month.