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1fur1 news1FUR1 Foundation we set out to grow our #1fur1impact with the most vulnerable population segments; children and seniors with disabilities. Our goal was to impact the lives of 10,0000 individuals who need the healing powers of animals. Each of our AAA & AAT programs are unique and benefits many people with various disabilities across IL, MO, FL, CA and MI major cities.

There are many measurable physical and emotional benefits. Lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, and lower overall physical pain are just a few of those benefits of AAA & AAT.

Impact stories:1fur1 impact news

  • Our newest partner, Kindred Spirits Therapy Minis delivered a heartwarming grief counseling group session at Covenant Care in FL. The counselor was reading a story about grief to the families. This one young teen started to cry quietly as the story was read. I was very close to her and her family so I allowed Picasso to insert himself into her moment. She started to run her fingers through his fluffy coat and she smiled and said ” he’s so- soft and sweet” and she began to tell me she loved horses. She also began to tell me about her grandfather and how he would just love to have been able to meet him. Picasso provided a Segway for her to remember the man who helped raise her and she had most recently lost. After speaking with the counselor this girl had not yet owned her feelings and cried for her loss, until that day. It was so very touching to witness.
  • Kory is one of the 29 canine advocates working in Michigan court houses every week. Kory traveled to another county that does not have a canine advocate yet and sat with a little girl in a Circuit Court Jury Trial where she had to confront and testify in front of her mom’s boyfriend who sexually assaulted her.  The girl adored Kory so much and was so happy to have her there. Kory also sat with another girl in a Circuit Court Jury Trial who had to testify in front of her father about how he sexually assaulted her. Both girls were very relieved that Kory was there. Follow #CourtDogsInAction on facebook every Thursday.
  • Ezra’s weekly animal assisted therapy sessions have done wonders for this kid who is Autistic and non-verbal 4 years ago, when he started working with us and the HHT mini-horses. He has grown with his communication skills,endurance and processing a question and answer. Follow #HealingHooves on facebook every Wednesday for updates.
  • In December the 16 canine therapy teams in St. Louis started a new program called “Shop with a Therapy Dog”.  Local facilities and schools that work with children living in foster care or residential care were invited to submit an entry and we chose 4 facilities to participate in the program.  Each facility nominated a child to shop with one of our therapy dogs at the mall. We spent about an hour with each child and it was so rewarding. Popular items purchased were video games, clothes and shoes.  The kids also had fun picking out a present for the dog. Athena and Jet loved getting new toys and treats from the children. Follow #TherapyDogsInSchools on facebook every Tuesday for updates.

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Did you know? 1FUR1 provided 2,328 animal assisted activity (AAA) and therapy (AAT) sessions, free-of-charge in the past year alone (click here for details).  These efforts impacted over 9,874 children and seniors with the help of 48 animals across 45 facilities. 1FUR1 continues to expand by visiting more hospitals, hospice units, long-term care facilities, assisted living communities, courthouses, victim service agencies and offices.