2017 Mission News

1FUR1 programs’ news are heating up this year, and we’re busier than ever moving the cause forward. We continue making headway on our mission to create, nurture and support endeavors enhancing the lives of people and animals in need.1fur1 resouces

So far this year:

  • 3,000 people have benefited from 1 FUR 1’s animal assisted programs, always delivered free-of-charge
  • 55+ Animals (49 dogs, 2 mini-horses and 3-15 cats) are working every month to bring therapeutic healing to children and seniors with disabilities in need.
  • 1FUR1 had many first-ever moments in 2017.
    • SoCal canine ambassador, Manny, joined our mission and visits Sunrise assisted living
    • Two new hospitals joined and Tori, the therapy mini-horses was allowed to visit patients
    • Emergency visit to hospice patient who loved cats
    • 1FUR1 launched a successful puppy photo contest and a captivating 2018 Puppy Calendar (available for sale now) which enabled us to launch a new canine assisted therapy program geared to help special education students.  For updates be sure to check our Facebok page)

Donate to Save Animal assisted programs in the USA


We’re been working on expanding our charitable programs and volunteer network while launching a West Coast chapter.  If you can volunteer your time (click here to let us know) and please consider a tax-deductible donation (click here to see why).

Do you know of a deserving nonprofit?  If they are struggling and/or needs support to sustain or expand an animal assisted program that helps people in need, we can help.  Please click here to contact us and/or click here to learn more about the process.

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Mid-Year Impact Update

  • 3 new new canine advocates have joined the mission– Jager, Daphne and Trigger (CAP advocates help child crime victims and their families)

  • 1,567 people have benefited from 1 FUR 1’s animal assisted programs, always delivered free-of-charge

  • 956 sessions have been done this year at hospitals, hospice, long-term care facilities, assisted living communities, courthouses, victim service agencies and offices.

Event News

At 1FUR1 events everyone is welcome including your 4-legged best friends (no dog, no worries). We want everyone to experience the joy of socializing with their loving pets while meeting others, just like them. If you want to help at events, please click here for volunteer opportunities.

Facts About Animals

1FUR1 carefully curates substantiated U.S. medical studies on how animals are healing children, students, the elderly and patients with heart disease, cancer, Autism and other disorders.  Click here for a timeline from 2000 until now!

Newsletter Archives

1FUR1 documents its activities and accomplishments – the below listed archives provide a snapshot of our evolution month-over-month.

Click here to lend a hand.  As a 100% volunteer ran charity, we constantly look for writers, bloggers and social media animals to help us capture this journey.