Ready to Serve in 2020

1fur1 newsJust last month, our #1fur1impact to children and seniors with disabilities grew by 57% (to 1,060 people) and we also provided 33% more free-of-charge AAA and AAT sessions (164 sessions to be exact).

However, due to the current COVID-19 virus outbreak we’ve been proactive and suspended ALL of our programs. Visits to hospitals, hospice and assisted living facilities are suspended until May 3rd. In IL, CA, MO and FL we’re suspending all pre-scheduled March and April visits at schools and assisted living facilities. However, in Michigan since the victim canine advocates are government workers, they’ll remain working until the local officials decide otherwise.

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Want to learn how animal can help people?  Click here to get useful industry contacts, learn the facts and see substantiated medical studies about animals.

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Are you a person in need of an assistance animals? We don’t provide trained animals or funding to individuals but click here for organizations that do.


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Did you know? In 2019, 1FUR1 provided 1,971 animal assisted activity (AAA) and therapy (AAT) sessions, free-of-charge in the past year alone (click here for details).  These efforts impacted over 10,386 children and seniors with the help of 46 animals across 50 facilities. 1FUR1 continues to expand by visiting more hospitals, hospice units, long-term care facilities, assisted living communities, courthouses, victim service agencies and offices.