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1 FUR 1 Foundation’s mission has always been focused on providing 360 degree assistance to our program partners before, during and after the Corona-virus (COVID-19) pandemic. Half of our programs are inactive until 2021. That means that all group sessions and animal assisted activities have moved online. Those are called animal related engagements (A.R.E). To request a free session, please contact us

So far this year, we have received 1/3 of donation when compared to last year. Because of the 2020 Animal Superhero Photo Contest, 1 FUR 1 was able to provide new technology for our animal assisted therapy programs and face-masks to animal handlers, judges and courtroom staff. Please consider a tax-deductible gift today so the #1fur1impact to children and seniors with disabilities can continue during these challenging times.

Current #1fur1impact stories:

During the Corona-virus (COVID-19) pandemic, we’re sadden by our limited ability to serve; seniors with disabilities, crime victims, hospital patients, veterans and students with disabilities. So we do what we can, with what we have because all of the animals need us to keep moving forward.

Naudus, who is part of the #CourtDogsInAction pack was extremely busy last month appearing in Michigan County Court.  He attended a sentencing where he helped calm at least 20 victims as they appeared on behalf of their deceased family member.  There were 3 deceased victims all together. Naudus made sure he met every single family member – the youngest family member was 2 years old girl.  She loved petting Naudus while she watched her grandpa crying. To learn more about this program, click here.

Chips, the first therapy mini horse part of the #HealingHooves in SoCal worked with Ezra, a boy with Autism who has been doing weekly animal assisted therapy for years. He was non-verbal until 5 years old. We’re very proud of him as he assisted to put Chips away and said ” help” and when the handler said “how do you ask?” He said “I need help please”. Ezra was able to follow the order of grooming, washed hands and he left happy, calm and ready for the rest of the day. To learn more about Chips and the other amazing animals, click here.

Ripley, our founding member and #1fur1ambassador endured his third surgery this year. After beating cancer in March he now had his gallbladder and spleen removed. He is recovering well and starting to feel better. Ripley will be ready for virtual free animal related engagements (A.R.E) soon. To request a free session with him or other animals, please contact us.

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friends 1fur1impactAt 1FUR1 events everyone is welcome including your 4-legged best friends (no dog, no worries). But if you want to celebrate by shopping online – let us guide you to simple ways to save & donate for free. Click here to start…


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1fur1 nnews eventsHeard of #1fur1impact? The animal blog is great resource about the healing powers of the human-animal bond. Be sure to check out the education center which is lists facts about animal assisted interventions and is the cornerstone of our mission. 1 FUR 1 is now ready to deliver animal related engagements (A.R.E) and ‘window’ sessions to disabled individuals and health care facilities near St. Louis metro area, Florida panhandle and Southern California. Please contact us for requests. 


1fur1 news 2020Did you know? During the pandemic, 1FUR1 provided 375 animal assisted activity (AAA) and therapy (AAT) sessions and 4 animal related engagements (A.R.E), free-of-charge during the first 6 months of 2020 (click here for details).  These efforts impacted over 1,982 children and seniors with the help of 46 animals across 50 facilities. 1FUR1 continues to expand during the Corona-virus pandemic by rescuing and training more therapy animals who will help even more children with disabilities.

FAQ + Resources

  • Do you need an assistance animal? We don’t provide trained animals or funding to individuals but click here for organizations that do.
  • Want to learn how animal can help people?  Click here to see substantiated medical studies about alternative care through animal assisted interventions.