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Monthly Impact Stats ReportJust last month 1FUR1 Foundation was able to deliver 169 animal assisted therapy and activities to 592 children and seniors who need furry friends to help them cope with their disabilities. Each program is unique and serves a specific segment of the population in 4 different cities/states. We hope to grow our reach this year with the help of individuals who believe can make a difference…just like us.  Therapy animals aren’t only cute, they provide many measurable physical benefits to people with whom they interact. Lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, and lower overall physical pain are just a few of those benefits of AAA & AAT. Don’t take our word for it – read the impact stories below:

  • The 1FUR1 Ambassadors, Manny,   that Manny and our other 1FUR1 ambassador dogs help people experience. Additionally, every time someone pets a therapy animal, he or she is flooded with an automatic relaxation response aided by the release of endorphins throughout the body. Specially trained therapy animals truly are miracle workers!
  • It is heartwarming that so many teens impacted as children by the Furry Friends Recovery program in St. Louis take the time to come back to us to express how much our visits meant to them. With the cognitive and physical benefits of the human- animal bond in mind, we’ll continue to develop programs in schools and establish more evidence – based programs for youth experiencing behavioral and emotional challenges. Follow #Therapy DogsInSchools on facebook every Tuesday.
  • Trigger, one of the canine advocates, attended the local women’s shelter with his handler. He got to meet all of the women staying at the shelter, and he provided great comfort to a woman who was very shaken and upset because of all she’d been through. The emotional support Trigger provided in that moment was precious and irreplaceable. Follow #CourtDogsInAction on facebook every Thursday.

Helpful Resources

Want to learn how animal can help people?  Click here to get useful industry contacts, learn the facts and see substantiated medical studies about animals.

Do you know of a deserving nonprofit? Click here to see our grant guidelines and learn about the process.

Are you a person in need of an assistance animals? We don’t provide trained animals or funding to individuals but click here for organizations that do.


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1FUR1 documents its activities and accomplishments – the below listed archives provide a snapshot of our evolution month-over-month.

Did you know? 1FUR1 provided 2,453 animal assisted activity (AAA) and therapy (AAT) sessions, free-of-charge in the past year alone (click here for 2017 annual report).  These efforts impacted over 6,100 children and seniors with the help of 41 animals across 36 facilities. 1FUR1 continues to expand by visiting more hospitals, hospice units, long-term care facilities, assisted living communities, courthouses, victim service agencies and offices.