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So far this year, we’ve been able to give 2,707 smiles and counting…*

1FUR1 Foundation’s goal this year is to deliver free-of-charge animal assisted programs to 8,000 children and seniors with disabilities in the U.S.A. We hope that you join our quest and help spread joy in your community. 1FUR1’s year-to-date impact can be measured by the 660 animal assisted activity (AAA) and therapy (AAT) sessions provided and by the continued:

  • Education of 1,479 students with disabilities with the help of 17 caring therapy dogs
  • Enrichment the lives of 492 seniors with disabilities with the help of 3 dogs and 1 cat 1FUR1 ambassadors
  • Assistance 708 child crime victims go through the judicial process with the help of 23 supportive canine advocates
  • Aid to children with Autism learn how to verbally communicate, develop emotional awareness and improve motor skills through weekly AAT session with 2 mini horses and now a mini donkey named Millie.

Did you know? 1FUR1 provided 2,453 animal assisted activity (AAA) and therapy (AAT) sessions, free-of-charge in the past year alone (click here for 2017 annual report).  These efforts impacted over 6,100 children and seniors with the help of 41 animals across 36 facilities. 1FUR1 continues to expand by visiting more hospitals, hospice units, long-term care facilities, assisted living communities, courthouses, victim service agencies and offices. 1FUR1’s 2018 impact is growing, so far we’re:

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Want to learn how animal can help people?  Click here to get useful industry contacts, learn the facts and see substantiated medical studies about animals.

Do you know of a deserving nonprofit? Click here to see our grant guidelines and learn about the process.

Are you a person in need of an assistance animals? We don’t provide trained animals or funding to individuals but click here for organizations that do.


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