1 FUR 1 network of good doers has been tirelessly working with 131 specially trained and certified therapy dogs and mini horses to help heal over 12,790 people in need, so far this year. We applaud everyone’s efforts and value your dedication! We’re 100% volunteer based 501c3 public charity on a mission to create, nurture and expand therapeutic bonds between animals and people. To make a difference today, join the 1fur1impact club.

Ending Soon

The 5th annual calendar fundraiser is coming to an end on June 4th at 10pm PST. There are 14 animals competing for 13 spots. Pets of all kinds (not just therapy animals) can still enter to win a spot in our 2024 calendar. Your participation, donation, and support allow our teams to provide free-of-charge animal assisted therapy and activity sessions to Americans with disabilities, child crime victims, first responders, veterans, firefighters, medical staff and students.

Impact Story of the Month

1fur1 impact newsIn Michigan, a child crime victim was a bit tense prior to a preliminary court hearing and became angry at the judicial process and staff. Joey and his handler decided to meet with her and see if they could help in any way. They walked up to her and introduced Joey, one of the 30+ canine advocates who goes to work happy every day at their county prosecutors office. They spent the next twenty-five minutes discussing her four dogs, their goofy quirks and the love they bring to everyone around them. The child slowly started openly sharing and understanding the reason we were getting ready for court. It was amazing the difference in the victim’s reaction to us, her openness to speak about the case and her gratitude for bringing Joey in to meet her. She was so appreciative and impressed with the work canine advocates do. Click here to learn more.

Program Updates

Since inception, 1 FUR 1’s mission has been able to impact the lives of over 109,978 people in need of animal assisted intervention. 2023 is the year of change at 1 FUR 1 Foundation. Our support system will be tested as we launch vital fun-raising campaigns. While our program partners adopt to the new internal operating system which will allow us to provide 32% more free animal assisted services to more people in need. With your help, we will be able to reach our 2023 IMPACT GOALS:

  • 12,000 first responders, medical staff, veterans, children and seniors with disabilities will benefit from 1 FUR 1’s free animal assisted programs
  • Up to 111 certified animals (dogs, mini-horses and even mini pigs) will be actively working every month to bring therapeutic healing to people in need
  • 1,525 animal assisted activity (AAA), therapy (AAT) and virtual (ARE) sessions to be done at hospitals, hospice, long-term care facilities, assisted living communities, courthouses, victim service agencies and offices.
  • Up to 152 U.S. facilities to be visited per month across eight states providing free animal assisted therapy and activity sessions.

To learn about the health benefits of AAA/T please see the latest medical journal on the health benefits of animal assisted intervention, here.

Help Wanted

1fur1 newsSeeking 11 people able to make a monthly subscription gift of $25 or more so 1 FUR 1 can provide free custom software to all its partners.This will change everything for us. This brand new technology will allow for our animal assisted programs to grow immediately. Impact the lives of of thousands of people with disabilities each month, across 8 states. We’re 100% volunteer based 501c3 public charity on a mission to create, nurture and expand therapeutic bonds between animals and people. Read more about our impact…

Why We Do What We Do

Helping others is at the core of what we do. Last year, Jocelyn was diagnosed with leukemia at Rady’s Children Hospital in San Diego. She was at her worst time when she met AJ, the youngest #HealingHooves member. During her 20+ day hospital stay, AJ was able to help her forget, just for a bit, how sick she was feeling, the pain, the future uncertainty her family faced. Their connection was undeniable. They met again this year during 5K walk for charity. Jocelyn is now is remission and wanted to give back. So she did a lemonade stand and requested a visit from AJ. Well, we were thrilled to reunite them and see the spark between them once again. Her selfless act of kindness inspire us to continue moving our mission forward.

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1FUR1’s monthly newsletter documents our activities and accomplishments – the below listed archives provide a snapshot of our current progress.


shop for Bday gifts for 1fur1 animalsAt 1FUR1 events everyone is welcome including your 4-legged best friends (no dog, no worries). But if you want to celebrate by shopping online – let us guide you to simple ways to save & donate for free. Click here to start…


1fur1 news 2020 1 FUR 1 survived the pandemic and delivered 2022 impact above expectations. 1 FUR 1 touched the lives of 40,000 people in need of healing with the help of a specially trained mini horse or dog. We hope to be able to deliver even more free animal assisted therapy and activity sessions in even more places. Currently, we manage 4 programs in select cities of CA, MI, OH, FL, TN, SC, NC and NJ.


1fur1 nnews eventsHeard of #1fur1impact? The animal blog is great resource about the healing powers of the human-animal bond. Be sure to check out the education center which lists facts about animal assisted interventions and is the cornerstone of our mission. 1 FUR 1 is now ready to deliver animal related engagements (A.R.E) and ‘window’ sessions to disabled individuals and health care facilities near St. Louis metro area, Florida panhandle and Southern California. Please contact us for requests. 

FAQ + Resources

  • Do you need an assistance animal? We don’t provide trained animals or funding to individuals but click here for organizations that do.
  • Want to learn how animal can help people?  Click here to see substantiated medical studies about alternative care through animal assisted interventions.