Overcoming Pandemic Struggles
11 Jan

Overcoming Pandemic Struggles


2021 was the year of overcoming at 1 FUR 1 Foundation. In the second year of the pandemic, we felt the shock wear of and anxiety set in. We experienced many ups and downs but survived it all. We are still standing, ready to deliver on our mission for another year.

Most of the challenges we tackled in the past year were COVID related;

The silver lining is always there and we always look for it. So here is a list of our 2022 highlights:

As we collect the impact data for 2022 and summarize our performance we want to take a moment and THANK our donors who unable us to help others. These special people make the #1fur1impact a reality.

  • Dani Nicols
  • John Malone,
  • Christina Mihailova
  • Laura Lazet
  • Ira DB
  • Margaret Breen
  • Erin Neal
  • Colette Sachs
  • Alicia Axtell
  • Corinne Snider
  • Will Stolarski
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