Calendar Stars
30 Nov

Calendar Stars


The holiday sale of our 2024 calendar has started. We’re filled with joy to showcase the calendar stars who provide vital animal assisted services to people in need in the U.S.A. Please help us honor their daily efforts and dedication to helping others. Order yours today!

January Star – Cavilear works in Florida panhandle with the Red Cross Emergency Response Team and providing animal assisted activities to veterans and elderly with disabilities. Cavi is part of only certified therapy mini horse team in the area called, Kindred Spirits Therapy Minis.

February Star – Wyleigh is a canine advocate working every Thursday in Oxford Resiliency Center, MI. Anyone dealing with a mental health emergency, need counseling or emergency shelter, or just need someone to talk to, is offered confidential crisis support, 24/7. First of its kind, this organization that’s been nationally recognized as one of the most comprehensive crisis service agencies in the country.

March Star – Cully works in The Children’s Center of Medina County, OH. This Child Advocacy Center (CAC) provides a canine advocate to children in need of neutral family friendly place where Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) responds to allegations of sexual and physical abuse. *Cully was the Grand Champ of our 2023 Therapy Animal Photo Contest!

April Star – Titus was born in 2023 and have quickly grown into a best friend and security guard for Kindred Spirits Therapy Minis. He loves his job protecting the horses from wildlife at night but during the day he lets his guard down and plays with Hammie, the certified therapy mini pig.

May Star – Picasso works works in the Florida panhandle providing animal assisted activities to veterans. He is an individual he is all business and the MOST unflappable member of this team. He was rescued from a feed lot in 2014 and began his healing process to become the FIRST member of the Kindred Spirits Therapy Minis team.

Jun Star – Tucker has two jobs in Oakland County, MI. He works in Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office and was the first Canine Advocate to work a jury trial. He also helps school shootings survivors at Oxford Resiliency Center, along side Wyleigh, our February star. Tucker is very friendly and high energy and loves meeting new people.

Jul Star – Brodie works alongside his barn brothers part of the Kindred Spirits Therapy Minis in the Florida panhandle. He is the genius in the group and always ready to open the gates and let everybody in the barn to party. Brodie is mischievous, cute and very well trained to help elderly Battling Dementia and Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Aug Star – Chewie works with healthcare workers and first responders in select cities of SC, NC and TN. He inspired the creation of the Newfie Therapy after he helped his human mom beat brain cancer. He is having a battle of his own after surviving tissue cancer and the removal of his front shoulder and leg. Taring the stuffing out of stuffed animals and counter surfing are his favorite activities at homes.

Sept Star – Frieda is a Canine Advocate working in Oakland County, Michigan. She guides child crime survivors go through the judicial system by relieving their anxiety and giving them confidence to tell their story.

Oct Star – Willow works in Long Beach, CA as an ambassador for 1 FUR 1 Foundation. She loves everyone but prefers to work with children by providing animal assisted activities in schools. Willow helps educate people about the health benefits of the human-animal bond.

Nov Star – Lance worked along side his first handler Dan Cojanu and they were the founding members of Canine Advocates across the state of Michigan. He has been working in Oakland County since 2015 and is the only dog who has participated in US Federal Court. He led the establishment of Canines Advocates and now works as part of the Care House of Oakland County, MI.

Dec Star – Penny was part of the original Canine Advocates Team in Michigan. They were the first and still only program in the state offering specially trained dogs to child victims of crime. Even though Penny has retired her efforts are not forgotten She helped Lance, our November Star, launch this initiative and continues to be involved.

All calendar stars won the 2023 Therapy Animal Photo Contest and proceeds of the calendar sales go directly to fund 1 FUR 1 Foundation and its partners. We provide free of charge animal assisted therapy and activities to people in need. For more info, please click here.

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