Healthy and Happy Dog Tips
2 Mar

Healthy and Happy Dog Tips


For a happy and healthy dpet, here you’ll find care, behavior, and training dog tips.  Let the countdown begin…

10.) “Dog breath” is a ubiquitous problem for dog owners, but bad breath left unchecked can lead to serious problems for a dog’s teeth and overall health. To prevent gum disease and other dental problems, do not feed dogs treats that can splinter such as bones, hooves, and ice cubes. Instead, go for dental treats, rope toys, and rubber toys. (Note: in the summer months, 1 Fur 1 offers doggy gelato at select retailers, which is a vet-, owner-, and dog-approved treat!)

9.) Is your dog overexcited when you come home, threatening to knock you and your groceries down when you walk in? Dog trainers suggest to, while not looking at the dog, extend your palm at arm’s length and firmly tell her “no” as many times as it takes to get your message across. Do not say her name as you do this. Greet your dog when you have put your stuff down and can give her your full attention.

8.) Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can keep your pooch pent up! For walks in a winter wonderland, invest in dog booties or Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax to protect his paws, a harness rather than a leash so you have more control and can tell if he’s about to zoom off and lick some road salt, and, depending on how fluffy he is, a dog sweater or coat.

7.) For walks any time of year, a light-up or reflective leash will alert drivers and other pedestrians to where your dog is if you take her with you on your before-dawn jog.

6.) Read reviews of any dog product before purchasing it to ensure your dog’s health and safety. Even dog food has reviews online that you can read!

5.) Dogs find routine comforting, so be consistent with your walk and feeding schedule if you recently moved with your dog or if you just adopted a new dog. This will help her adjust to her new surroundings.

4.) When adjusting a collar, harness, or other wearable item for your dog, make sure you can slip two fingers underneath the object. Do not buy items with plastic buckles if you live in a cold climate, as the plastic can shatter, and do not buy leather items if you live in a warm climate, as humidity will make the leather rot.

3.) To ease a dog’s separation anxiety, do not make a big show of your departure or arrival, and try not to feel guilty or tense that you’re leaving your dog, as your dog will pick up on that emotional cue. Walking your dog before you leave can get rid of pent-up energy that would later make him anxious.

2.) Dogs often read and copy their owner’s emotional cues. If you get nervous in doctors’ offices, this may translate to your dog being nervous at the vet. Act like vet appointments, baths, and nail clipping are positive experiences and give your dog lots of positive reinforcements for successfully making it through an unpleasant experience.

1.) Got a leash puller? Stop walking when your dog pulls and don’t start again until she understands that her behavior is why the walk has stopped.

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