1FUR1’s Birthday Month
3 Mar

1FUR1’s Birthday Month


If you follow 1FUR1 on Facebook, you’ve probably already heard us talk about how March is our birthday month (and if you haven’t liked 1FUR1 yet, what are you waiting for?  We have plenty of posts we would love for you to see!)

To celebrate our birthday, we wanted to take you on a journey through our first year.  1FUR1 was, for years, just a dream of animal-lover Michelle Djonova. She wanted to create an organization that was unlike any other. Not only would 1FUR1 fund organizations, it would stick with them forever, forming a longtime partnership with these other organizations.  With hard work, determination, and a band of passionate volunteers, Michelle was able to make 1FUR1 a reality.

In the last year, she has seen her dream come to life. The first few months were spent on the legal and tax related sides of a non-profit. After those months, 1FUR1 really took off, gaining followers and volunteers. Now, 1FUR1 has hundreds of likes on Facebook, which is a huge achievement for a grass roots organization.

1 Fur 1 works hard to find organizations to work with. There are many great organizations out there, who we commend for their service, but we try to help where it is most needed. The organizations we partner with are on the verge of disappearing. Without financial support, amazing organizations like Treehouse House Humane Society would not be able to help as many people and homeless cats as they do.

1FUR1’s work is far from over, and we could really use your help. There are many ways to help, including educating those around you about animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted activity, looking for more organizations that could use our help, and donating toward our cause. We are looking for more volunteers and for you to spread the word about our organization’s mission. We would be nothing without all of our readers and are eternally grateful that you chose to read our articles and educate yourself about the amazing things that animals can do.

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