Dog Days of Summer
21 Jun

Dog Days of Summer


Dog Days of Summer: Fun Activities

As you’re gearing up for summer, planning adventures with your closest friends, remember to take some time to think about Fido. He doesn’t want to be stuck at home all day while you’re off having beach days. There are plenty of things you can do together.

For Athletes

Many hiking trails are dog friendly, allowing you to bring your dog either off-leash or on. Make sure your dog comes when you call before allowing her off-leash in a new area. Hiking together will allow you to enjoy the beautiful places around your neighborhood. Even if you don’t feel like exercising, you can tire her out by going to a dog park, where she can play with other dogs to her heart’s content. Bonus: she’ll be tired and ready to cuddle when you get home.

For Movie Lovers

Many outdoor movie theaters allow dogs. Now the two of you can watch Annie Hall or the Goonies under the stars, switching up the usual Netflix routine. Outdoor movies are popular in Los Angeles, Seattle,  New York City, Chicago, and cities near you. If you feel so inclined, you can even set up a movie theater in your backyard to enjoy the hot summer nights.

For Jet Setters

If you plan on traveling, many hotels allow dogs, which lets you and your dogs enjoy sightseeing together. Whether you are seeing a new part of the world or simply seeing old friends and family, there is lodging available anywhere you go.

For Everyone Else

If none of these activities seem interesting, you can always check Trips With Pets for pet-friendly restaurants and events near you. Dog-friendly activities are happening all over the country; all they’re missing is you and your dog. As always, animal-assisted activities and animal-assisted therapy are viable options if the two of you want to spend time together.

For Hot Summer Days

There is a cold treat both of you can enjoy. You no longer have to feel guilty about enjoying fro yo while your pups out on their cutest faces to beg for it. DO•FRO•YO™ is perfectly formulated for your doggie, without any nasty preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or thickeners. Shop your local pet store current options.

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