5 Natural Remedies for Pet Anxiety
24 Aug

5 Natural Remedies for Pet Anxiety


Natural Holistic Pet Day is Aug., 30th so to celebrate, we’re all going to learn about some holistic pet remedies for those poor furry babies suffering from anxiety.

Many pets have anxiety, but it often goes unnoticed. To make sure you know what’s going on in your pet’s mind, make sure to check if they show symptoms of anxiety. Symptoms include incessant barking or whining, panting, Allee,_my_assistance_dog.fear-based aggression, and repetitive actions such as chasing their tail or licking the same area over and over again.

Some animals become anxious because of stimuli in their environment, while others simply have anxious personalities. Anxiety can take different forms: some animals are generally anxious, others are only anxious when their owners leave, while still others only have a few things that trigger them. Whatever the reason for the anxiety, I have compiled a list of natural remedies for your pets. Medicines are always an option, but consult your vet before you turn to that solution. Feel free to use any of these solutions and let us here at 1FUR1 know what works best for you!

1. Treats

Treats are a fan favorite among dogs and cats. They can be used as both rewards and anxiety remedies at the same time. These are a great all-natural way to calm your pet without changing her routine at all. There are many different options for calming treats, so make sure to go into your favorite pet shop or research to find which is best for your pet.

2. Oils

Oils are a great way to calm your pet. You can rub oils such as lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, and Valerian on their paws, ears, or in their fur. Essential oils have been found to be extremely effective when treating anxiety. They also give the area your pet has been a great, relaxing smell. Aromatherapy can be helpful for dogs who don’t want to have lemon balm rubbed all over them.

3. Chew Toys

Another favorite of many pets, chew toys provide a familiar vehicle to help calm anxiety. Normal toys provide a distraction from the stimuli making them anxious. Many pet shops sell chew toys specifically for anxious dogs, which help to calm them and entertain them for hours.

4. Music

In my experience working with dogs, classical music helped to calm all the dogs down. At the Doggie Day Camp, the rowdy bunch turned into a group of relaxed sweethearts on the verge of falling asleep. However, classical music doesn’t work for everyone. Before you ask, of course there is music made specifically for pet anxiety. This music is specifically designed to be simple, so as not to overload your pup or kitten with too many sounds at once.

5. Clothing

I know we all love dressing up our pets, even though they tend to dislike it. These two natural solutions let us dress them up in a way that is more enjoyable for them. The Thundershirt is a great way to calm down your pet without constricting them. I may be biased, because my nearly two-year-old Goldendoodle has one that has helped her immensely. Within minutes of her Thundershirt being put on, her breathing is slowed and she is relaxed as can be.

If you would prefer not to put a shirt on your pet, there are calming collars to consider. These are great because it is an article of clothing your pet is already used to wearing and they have great smells such as lavender chamomile. They are also available in adorable bow tie designs to keep your pet looking dapper during stressful situations.

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