Service Dog Programs

Service Dog Programs

Assistance dogs not only provide a specific service to their handlers, but also greatly enhance the quality of their lives with a new sense of freedom and independence, as stated by Assistance Dog International.  Although Guide Dogs for the blind have been trained formally for over seventy years, training dogs for people with physical and mental health disabilities is a much more recent concept.  There are three types:

Service, hearing and guide dogs truly are their owners’ other half. Be sure to stay up-to-date on the most recently published medical studies done in the U.S.A, check out the facts about animals page for details. These highly trained animals allow them to better function in society and can have many different purposes, such as:

  • They lovingly guide the blind
  • Protect epileptics during seizures
  • Alert diabetics of low/high blood sugar levels
  • Detect and alert panic attacks for PTSD sufferers
  • Remind elderly owners to take their medication.

 Featured Service Dog Grantee:

1 FUR 1 Service Dogs GranteeProfile: Heartland Service Dogs is a non-profit organization that provides specially trained dogs for adults and children with mobility needs, hearing impairment, diabetes, PTSD and other disabilities. The goal is to bring hope, inspiration, and independence to individuals in Illinois.

 Service Dog Grant Overview:

1 FUR 1 Foundation is proud to partner with Heartland Service Dogs to help U.S. Veterans suffering from PTSD, physical injuries, and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This grant will directly help a service dog be paired, field trained and placed with a military family for life. The customized training will coach the dog to recognize PTSD symptoms, provide support during an episode, offer a sense of security, and assist with daily tasks and physical exercise that will make a positive difference in the veteran’s civilian life.

We want to help our troops that have done so much for people living in America and abroad. You can help by donating here.