Impact Update

1FUR1 Foundation’s impact can be measured in results.

AAT6In partnership with Tree House Humane Society,  we built an impactful AAA program that brought together homeless cats and the elderly. We surpassed our 2014/2015 annual goals by 50%.  We doubled the active long-term care facilities and created a sustainable visiting schedule that boosts the number of visits to over 20 per month.  That means more and more companion-cat visits for residents.

Thus far in 2016, we’ve secured 23 facilities near north Chicago that have signed-up to participate in this program.  Last month, 180 seniors with various illnesses were visited across 20 long-term care facilities.  The tireless efforts of bringing cognitive and physical benefits are only made possible by the dedication and support of all volunteers.

1FUR1’s impact can measured by daily achievements.

Gavin&ChipsThe 1FUR1 Animal Assisted Therapy Programs are focusing on helping children.  In 2016 two kids in San Diego are battling Autism everyday and working hard to achieve more.  These 9 and 5 years old boys have completed 28 visit with Hearts & Hooves mini horses, Tori & Chips.  Most importantly, they are both verbal today which wasn’t the case last year.

Our newest partnership with Canine Advocacy Program (CAP) also helps children.  These kids need refuge from the horrible life they have experienced.  In order to start healing they need to face their abuser in court.  This program assists each child victim free-of-charge across 19 Michigan counties with the help of highly trained court dogs.  Read more at…

1FUR1’s impact will be measured by lifelong bonds.

timeline2Ken (combat vet with PTSD) & Crew (3yrs old golden retriever male, 80+ lbs) have the special bond present. Crew adores Ken and seeks his affection.  Because PTSD social interactions are difficult but Ken has made an effort to show up in group class since April 2016.  This is a HUGE step forward for the human-animal team.  This team can now continue working on “block, cover, and watch” commands. They’re also working on how to wake-up Ken during a nightmare and to recognize Ken’s body language (rubs his hands together) and hormone levels  before an anxiety attack strikes. Crew is learning to turn on a Tat light (a battery operated light that Ken has in his bedroom)

  • New (Owner Train) Veteran Program to begin later this year: Self train dogs as assistance animals so they will go through training (free-of-charge) and then tested with Canine Citizen Test and then Public Access Test.  More details to follow…

1FUR1’s impact can be measured by stories.

IMG_3198Lisa is a 1 FUR 1 founding member and volunteer who decided to get help for an eating disorder that had begun to consume more and more of her life. She entered a residential treatment program. Through the program, she had her first experience with equine therapy. She was skeptical at first, but soon learned that interacting with these gentle creatures was helping her learn more about herself. After leaving residential care, she continued equine therapy, including a stint at Horsefeathers Therapeutic Riding NFP That’s where she met Captain, a horse rescued from abusive owners, bore physical and mental scars. While spending time in his presence, Lisa saw her own fears and insecurities reflected. Her breakthrough came the day that Captain allowed her to touch him for the first time. Today, she continues to grow stronger and face life’s challenges with a new outlook -a gift that she credits to equine therapy. Lisa is just one example of an animal-assisted therapy success story.