Do you have a little time to spare?

1 FUR 1 Foundation needs more people like you to grow our impact further. Share your skills and professional experience with 1 FUR 1 program partners to help them succeed. No matter where you live or how much time you have to offer, there is a role for you!

Each mentor will be paired with a program partner and trained by us on how to conduct monthly video meetings from the comfort of your own office or home. It’s easy and it only takes 1-2 hours per month, plus you’ll:1fur1 volunteer

  • Acquire personal satisfaction from coaching nonprofit founders and/or directors to become leaders
  • Be part of a healing mission that impacts the lives of thousands of children & seniors with disabilities
  • Guide our animal-assisted programs to survive, thrive and grow in the U.S.A.

Ready to fill out an application? Please let us know as much as possible about you so we can make the best match possible. To schedule your personal orientation – please providing us a few convenient day and time options for an hour call.

Why Volunteers Are Mission Critical?

The most valuable way to help animals heal people in need is to volunteer. Every volunteer hour helps provide and expand animal assisted service programs, free-of-charge to children and seniors with disabilities.

But we can’t do it alone – as a 501(c)3 nonprofit we need many different people to contribute in many different ways. Get involved with our cause at home, at work, with your pet or simply shop online.

Don’t take our word for it, hear from our passionate volunteers on why they support 1FUR1 Foundation:

My day job is pretty demanding, but working as a mentor with 1Fur1 fits my schedule really well.  Getting paired up with an Animal Assisted Therapy non-profit partner organization fills my need to help others in a meaningful way. Even though we are located in different parts of the country, I’m able to use my business management and strategy skills to help my Animal Assisted Therapy partner grow and be successful.  Through helping out just a couple hours on a monthly virtual strategy meeting, I am making a much bigger impact than I could ever make on my own.”

~ Dani from IL

I support 1FuR1 because we need to teach people about all the amazing things animals can do. Many animal-assisted programs are unique and deserve our support

~ Jacqueline from CA

I support 1FUR1 because I want everyone to feel healthy, happy, and cared for, regardless of species

~ Halley from IL