Who Rescued Who?
13 Oct

Who Rescued Who?


October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

(Thanks, ASPCA!)

We often advocate for adopting rather than shopping for your new furry best friend. This month, we would like to remind you why it is SO awesome to adopt a shelter dog!


There are thousands of dogs and cats at your local shelter, just waiting to be adopted. They are kind and loving. There are many benefits to adopting these dogs. The fact that they ended up at a shelter does not say anything about them, but speaks volumes about our society.

Dogs and cats are euthanized every day simply because there is not enough room for them at the shelter. When rescuing one pet, you actually save two, since you make space for another to live in a shelter rather than on the streets.


Not one to adopt a dog or a cat? How about a rabbit? These fluffy cuties need love just as much, and are often at shelters, since many parents buy them for their young children without realizing how much work they are. You can also help out your local shelter with product donations, which would be greatly appreciated.

If you or someone you know have been looking for a dog to adopt, now is your chance. During Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, please adopt a worthy mutt. You’ll never know who rescued who.  If you’ve adopted a dog or a cat from a shelter, we would love to hear about it!

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