See Spot Run… for President
23 Sep

See Spot Run… for President


The US Presidential Race is really starting to heat up – and I am here to put in my two cents. Of course, I don’t want to delve into politics, because that’s a complicated rabbit hole to go down. I’d prefer to focus on what I know best: puppies. Today, I will determine who should be the next leader of the free world, based solely on their fluffy sidekicks.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s dogs also get my seal of approval. The two pups are polar opposites; their only similarities are their adorableness. If Hillary makes decisions in the office how she made the decision to adopt these two, I think she’d make a fine president.

Rand Paul

If this is, in fact, a picture of Rand Paul, I’d say he and his pup have a chance to live and work in the White House. However, that pup looks extremely energetic. If I were him, I would worry about being impeached once that dog gets a hold of important documents and rips them to shreds because they’re oh so delicious.


Photo Courtesy of Imgur

Carly Fiorina

I could not find any pictures of Ms. Fiorina and a dog. For that matter, I could not find any pictures where she is seen with any animals at all. There is one picture of her that is circulating, however, where she is compared to a lioness. While I have a fascination with big cats, and find that pretty awesome, I would have to say that Carly would lose 1FUR1’s presidential race.

Bernie Sanders

Now, while Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a dog, the first search results that came up were Bernese Mountain Dogs. If this Bernie was running for president, there is no doubt in my mind that he would win.


Donald Trump

Ah, Trump. He has been making headlines since he decided to run. His antics have been ridiculous, but they have not been as ridiculous as some of the memes and photos that have surfaced during his campaign. The latest trend on the internet has been to ‘Trump Your Pet’, which involves someone’s extremely tolerant pet posing for pictures with a toupee of sorts on its head. I feel sorry for these pets, but it makes for some very funny results.

Jeb Bush

Look at that sweet face! Bush definitely has a chance at winning with that cute pup in his corner.

Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail

Marco Rubio

Not only does Rubio have a sweet family, he has a pup who I might be fine with having as president. That dog seems calm and wise, which would be a nice change of pace for this competitive position.

Photo Courtesy of Twitter@LorenzoTheCat

Current president Joe Biden may approve of this message. We’ll see how the next presidential race turns out, but until then, thank you for trusting 1FUR1 as a completely impartial source for all of your campaign news.

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