Meet the Adoptable Cats that Heal
12 Jan

Meet the Adoptable Cats that Heal

The grant recipient in Chicago, Treehouse Humane Society, has flourished with 1FUR1’s help. As documented in this article, we’ve been able to increase the number of active facility and frequency of visits by 100%, in just one year.  1FUR1’s animal-assisted activity (AAA) grant program reaches close to 100 people per month in nursing homes, domestic violence shelters, and other assisted living facilities that benefit from the animal-human bond.
The stars of these AAA visits are the shelter cats that get valuable socialization from being around all types of people. Let’s meet some of these adoptable cats!
This handsome, half mustache gentleman named Ronald can brighten anyone’s day! Ronald was admitted to Tree House in late September of 2015 after being transferred from CACC. He is an independent fella who would do best in almost any home. Ronald keeps to himself mostly on our 1st floor but craves human attention whenever he can get it! Ronald did have a polyp in his left ear that should be supervised by his future adopter. Ronald is a sweet boy who deserves a loving home with vertical space and perches so he can hunt birds from the window all day.
Taco, an extremely sweet and gentle dude, will absolutely sate your kitty hunger! He was originally abandoned on our porch five years ago along with over twenty other cats, and aside from being stressed upon check in and testing positive for FIV, this long-haired kitty was in pretty good shape (all things considered). He was adopted out within his first year here and has spent these past five years in a home. Sadly, the adopter has faced personal crises and was no longer able to care for Taco, so he has found his way back here again. He is understandably a little sad and very confused, but nevertheless he has been a good trooper through all of this and is very deserving and ready for a new loving home.
We’re not sure what happened to little Athens before he came to Treehouse, but he must have fallen from Mt. Olympus! Admitted at the end of 2014, Athens had previously suffered from an old spinal fracture that resulted in the unique way he gets around. With both of his legs to the side, Athens scoots around side-saddle style throughout the 1st floor to chase other cats and toys. He may not have had an easy past, but his curious and brave demeanor make him an inspiration to anyone that meets him!
To reiterate, all of these sweet little muffins are up for adoption at Treehouse Society. Their participation in 1FUR1’s AAA program let’s you know they’re calm around new people and very gentle and friendly. They would make a great addition to any home!
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