Joyful Holiday Season
9 Dec

Joyful Holiday Season


Can you feel the holiday spirit? We sure can…and we want everyone to have a chance and experience joy and love this holiday season. The 39 hardworking dogs and mini horses are dedicated to this mission. If you’re interested in helping this holiday season, consider becoming a mentor or donating – it’s tax deductible!

new nov impact stats

November Impact Stats:

  • Ripley, the 1FUR1 Ambassadors and founding canine member visited with his 20 friends as part of the monthly animal assisted activity session for seniors with disabilities in LA County. (AAA Program)
  • 4 Therapy Mini Horses in San Diego helped over 103 children with Autism learn about mini horses, grow their social skills and experience emotional connections. (AAT Program)
  • 16 Therapy Dogs In Schools in St. Louis delivered 48 visits across seven facilities and impacted the lives of 481 students with disabilities. (AAA Program)
  • 4 Therapy Mini Horses in Florida helped over 200 seniors and veterans with disabilities, remember their life with animals. (AAA Program)
  • 14 Canine Advocates in Michigan provided assistance to 220 crime victims and family members which includes court hearings, forensic interviews, counseling and other victim advocacy services. (AAT Program)
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