How To Guide: Homemade Cat Treats
28 Mar

How To Guide: Homemade Cat Treats


Cooking at home is so wholesome. You have peace of mind from knowing every ingredient that went into the food–no artificial flavors here!–plus the satisfaction you get when someone likes the food you cooked is unbeatable. So why limit this feeling to just human food? Try whipping up a batch of salmon-tuna cat treats at home! They’re so simple, even those among us who “burn water” can do it!

Modifications to the recipe: Since the dough created is very much like cookie dough, instead of drop-treats, you can sprinkle flour down on a clean counter and use a cookie cutter to make cut-out shapes. Alternatively, if you cat prefers one type of fish to another, you can do a 10 oz. can of salmon or a 10 oz. can of tuna. You can also substitute the all-purpose flour for whole-wheat for a more nutritious snack.

Enjoy–or, rather–hope your cat enjoys!

How To Guide: Cat Treats

(Modified from this recipe.)

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