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Together we can

Our goals are our action plan.  We believe that animal services should be offered to anyone who sees the value in the human-animal bond and we intent to make this a reality by partnering with organization and facilities who share our beliefs.  The list below is our guide to each and every decision we make about programs and partnerships we join:

  • Fund organizations which help strengthen the bond between animals and humans
  • Unveil the positive bond gained through animal-assisted activities (AAA)
  • Raise public consciousness about animal-assisted therapy (AAT)
  • Support the training and placement of service animals for Americans with Disabilities
  • Respond to emergency situations that impact humans and animals as they arise
  • Reinforce our grantees’ efforts and amplify the impact of their program

Take the first step

Applicants are encouraged to contact us in order to determine if the intended funding request falls within our scope. 1FUR1 Foundation tailors the strategic, financial, and marketing support to the specifics of each grantees’ program. We avoid one-size-fits-all prescriptions and strive to make selective, focused evaluation an integral part of how we carry out our work.

Our work is focused on achieving results through actions that meet one or more of 1FUR1 Foundation’s goals. The support we provide to grantees is solely focused on amplifying the impact of their work, increasing the benefit realized by the community and/or patients/participants.  GRANT PROCESS utilizes a collaborative approach, ensuring that animal assisted programs meet grant expectations and deliver on win-win-win target results. Grant requests will be considered on a continuous basis throughout the year and applications will be reviewed no later than 90 days from receipt.  Please see our grant guidelines before processing and let us know if you have any questions.


Active Facility Partners

The below listed long-term care facilities are currently offering animal assisted therapy and/or activities to their patients and residents, powered by a 1FUR1 Animal Assisted Activity Grant Program: