Be The One To Help People

Be The One to Help People

1 FUR 1’s animal assisted programs help over 3,000 children and seniors with disabilities every year, always free-of-charge.  We ask for a caring donation of any amount to continue providing weekly life-changing animal assisted therapy and activity sessions.  Each month the healing impact we deliver to:

  • Over 100 seniors with disabilities is done with the help of three 1 FUR 1 Canine Ambassadors (Ripley, Dolan and Manny)
  • Over 150 child victims is done with the help of twenty-four CAP Canine Advocates who assist them going through the U.S. judicial system and regain their childhood.
  • Over 70 elderly suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s is done with the help of eight TH Shelter cats who wait to be adopted by a family that will love them and care for them.
  • Over 300 children struggling at school with physical, mental, emotion and behavioral disabilities is done with the help of seventeen FFR Therapy Dogs
  • Two children with Autism (weekly) plus almost 200 hospital patients (per year) with the help of two specially trained HH Therapy Mini Horses

We serve those most at risk of losing their health benefits – children and seniors with disabilities.  1 FUR 1’s programs are designed to provide support for life since most journey’s to wellness happen over a long period of time. The average cost to us for one-hour session is estimated at $27. Please join our quest to help animals who heal people in need.