Celebrating Animal Rights Awareness Week 2015
17 Jun

Celebrating Animal Rights Awareness Week 2015


This week is Animal Rights Awareness Week. Everyday, countless animals have their rights infringed upon. Whether it be through puppy mills, dog fights, hoarding, or one of the many other despicable acts, the perpetrators of these crimes need to be stopped.

Fortunately, many states have enacted legislature to prevent these abuses and punish those who commit crimes. Animal rights laws have been in effect since the 1960s. Enacted in 1964, this law, nicknamed the Animal Welfare Act, talked only about animals in a research setting, never referencing companion animals.

Later laws talked about dogfighting, cockfighting, hoarding, and physical and sexual abuse of these animals. These deeds would go unpunished if it were not for animal-loving individuals who pushed for this legislature. Those individuals include District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, Deputy District Attorney Belinda Smith, and Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Their tireless work, along with the support from their constituents, has helped to shape the laws in effect today. Now there are laws protecting pets and animal living at farm animals, labs, and zoos. However, the dog adoption business is in need of updated laws.

All over the world, there are puppy mills, which force mother dogs to produce as many litters as possible, all the while living in horrible conditions. Puppy mills exist solely for profit. These animals need our support. We must be their voices. Humans need to continue to push for legislature, donate to worthy non-profits, and help the homeless and neglected animals in our neighborhoods.

If you see animal cruelty happening, be sure to report it to save the animal(s) from further mistreatment. Celebrate this year’s Animal Rights Awareness Week with your furry friend, but don’t forget about the less fortunate animals that need us to continue to fight for them.


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