Reality Check
11 Aug

Reality Check


As 1 FUR 1 Foundation delivers the 2020 semi-annual impact report. Its new reality is clear, COVID-19 pandemic is crippling our ability to provide animal assisted therapy and activities. Therefore, 1 FUR 1 will NOT be able to offer any new grants to worthy programs until 2021. Like many others, we do NOT qualify for federal aid and state assistance since our cause doesn’t have paid staff. We rely on generous and loving support of individuals to move our mission forward.

The four current 1 FUR 1 program partners are raising above the struggles, learning new skills and finding virtual ways to deliver animal related engagements (A.R.E.). to Americans with disabilities. So far, 1 FUR 1 is offering educational materials online, face masks to all handlers and animal trading cards that can be mailed to seniors with disabilities or hospitalized patients who were benefiting from the #1fur1impact before the pandemic.

Just last month, 6 animals were super happy to return to work. Four canine advocates across Michigan state county courtrooms helped 30 child crime victims and their families. While, two mini horses in San Diego reunited with two Autistic boys since they last saw each other in March. All animals were very excited to see the children who need them on their journey to wellness. As a team we were able to provide:

Total IMPACT to people in need: 33

65% increase vs previous month (LM 20)

Total VISITS done: 26

30 % increase vs previous month (LM 20)

Animal Related Engagements (A.R.E): 1

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