1 FUR 1: A Year in Review
24 Jan

1 FUR 1: A Year in Review


2015 has been a great year for 1 FUR 1. We’ve welcomed new volunteers, gained more followers, and become involved with many amazing organizations. For this post, let’s take a look back at our last year.

January 2015

In January of last year, we welcomed a budding relationship with a Chicago no-kill shelter Tree House Humane Society. The two organizations have made a great team in the year since and are so excited to continue working together.

February 2015

What was the most momentous day in February? Valentine’s Day, of course. That post was special, especially to me, since all of the stories of animals helping people were so honest. Many of the animals changed their owners’ lives, filling them with love and happiness.

March 2015

March was an exciting month. It is 1Fur1’s birthday month. We were able to celebrate one whole year of helping animals heal people and we cannot wait to keep that up for years to come.

April 2015

April saw the start of Grace’s four part post about animals helping humans. We know that animals can do amazing things, and it’s great to see these amazing things all laid out. The first week she focused on dogs, who usually come to mind when we think about helpful animals. Next she talked about cats, giving us a prime example of how animal-assisted activities work when it comes to cats. She followed that up with an article about the helpfulness of horses, finishing off with a post about the work of wild animals.

May 2015

May is National Microchip Your Pet Month. Microchips are a necessity for any pet parent. Don’t believe me? Then check out Michelle’s article on the subject, in which a man was reunited with his pet after three years, all thanks to a tiny microchip.

June 2015

During the summer, the poor pups who suffer from allergies typically have a bad time. There is more pollen, which means more ear and paw infections. But have no fear, 1FUR1 covered this topic. We found ways to help dogs with seasonal allergies. There are many possibilities that could help your pup feel better next time their allergies come around.

July 2015

In July, we got one glamorous upgrade. We got rid of our old website and updated to the new, sleek site you’re reading this very article on. This new website allowed us to centralize our blog posts, shop, research page, and donation page. It was “out with the old, in with the new” and we could not be happier with it. We also celebrated the 4th of July with a crowd with beers and two and four legged buds at Lottie’s Pub. That event helped fund 1FUR1’s service dogs for vets program.

August 2015

Summer was winding down, work was calling – but we still took a day to have fun. Doggy Funday gave us a chance to meet up with old friends and talk about a worthy cause. Gander: Service Dog was there to tell us about how much animals could help returning soldiers who suffer from PTSD as a result of their time spent serving. August was also the month we celebrated Homeless Animal Day, which shed light on the plight of homeless pups and kittens and gave us the opportunity to learn about awesome animal-centric festivals that happen all over the world. Next time you book a trip, make sure to keep these in mind!

September 2015

September gave us the opportunity to learn how awesome deaf pets are. They are just like the typical pet, except that they need to be trained in a different way. We watched a cute video and were able to see the many benefits of adopting these sweet pets.

October 2015

Of course, the best part of October was Halloween. We celebrated with our Spooky Pooch Parade, which gathered quite a crowd. It was loads of fun and gave us plenty of doggy costume ideas and pictures.

November 2015

This Thanksgiving, we celebrated in the best way we know how: with goofy animal videos. Our founder, Michelle, also sent out a heartfelt message which reminded us that the true meaning of this holiday is to give thanks for all the amazing people around us.

December 2015

We ended the calendar year successfully. Looking back, 1Fur1 has done truly amazing things over the course of twelve months. With more followers, readers, and volunteers than ever, we are excited about the prospects 2016 brings. We hope you will stay along for the journey.

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